What is Veluca?

Veluca offers products via its a premier B2B Supply Chain Marketplace and a lucrative opportunity via its Referral Chain Marketing system!

The Marketplace

Veluca is proudly building a community of Customers, Referral Partners and Product Providers – all linking together on our B2B Marketplace. Our dynamic concept is designed to serve every link in the B2B Supply Chain. In many cases, the same business can be both a Customer AND a Referral Partner, a Referral Partner AND a Product Provider, a Customer AND a Product Provider – and in some cases ALL THREE!

Three Ways to Make Money With Us

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As a Veluca Customer, you can buy Nutraceuticals & Skin Care Products with total confidence.

Our strategic manufacturing partnerships gives you the best of all things:

✓ Large Selection
✓ Products In-Stock
✓ Low Prices
✓ Quick Turnaround Time
✓ Certified Quality

New products are always being added so check in frequently to see what’s new!

Whether you are an established business, a new retailer or a large private label company, Veluca has a product  solution for you!

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Referral Partner

Veluca’s Referral Chain Marketing™ System offers a tremendous Business Opportunity.

✓ Up to 50% Sales Commissions*
✓ Paid Twice per Month
✓ Generous Referral Compensation
✓ Automatic Tracking
✓ Full Transparency in Portal
✓ Earn up to Lifetime on your Referrals

Introduce other Referral Partners and earn override bonuses on sales to customers they refer!

✓ Override Bonuses up to 5 Levels*
✓ Monthly Bonus Payments

Get in on this Ground Floor Opportunity and become a Referral Partner for Veluca Today!

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Product Provider

Veluca is continuously evaluating applications from potential new Certified Suppliers.

✓ Reach New Customers
✓ Introduce New Products
✓ Liquidate Overstock
✓ Increase Your Sales with:
✓ No Sales Reps
✓ No Marketing Expense
✓ No Accounts Receivable Risk

We are considering manufacturers, importers and distributors – of any product type. A dedication to high quality & total compliance is required.

For more information about how to become a Certified Supplier of Veluca, please contact us at [email protected].

* Commissions based on CV. Please request copy of Compensation Plan to see further explanation of CV and other terms.

It’s Time To Get What You Deserve!

Whether you are looking for great products or a lucrative business opportunity – or both – Veluca can help. Make your move today!

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